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DV-1668 – (English subbed) Rape Academy Culture Festival Strip Show Female Teacher Yui Tatsumi. This is the third and final scene , in which the female teacher Tatsumi Yui joins up the students festival. Tatsumi-sensei has the ultimate show for the students: A live striptease + live-sex show.Very appropriate for high-school students, huh?… You rock!, Tatsumi-sensei…Scenes 1 +2 can be followed up here = DV-1668.As a whole, this is a very good ending for a good DVD, especially if you followed up scenes 1 and 2. That’s why I regret chopping up this video, which was a huge mistake and I apologize. Ah, well… :p
Thông tin nữ chính:
– Pornstars: Yui Tatsumi
– DVD ID: DV-1668
– Release Date: Sept. 26, 2014
– Runtime: 119min. (HD: 119min.)
– Director: Yuji Sakamoto
– Studio: Alice JAPAN
– Label: Alice JAPAN
– s268-subjav-DV-1668

DV-1668 Rape Academy Culture Festival Strip Show Female Teacher (sub)
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